Meet the Grazin' Acres Farm Family

Nathan, Meghan and their four favorite farmhands, McKenna, Landon, Kylee and Nolan Mattison

As kids, we grew up on our own family farms using re-generative agriculture, so when it came time to to start our own farm, this
farming practice was just second nature. It is important to us to carry on this farming tradition to not only produce great tasting
and healthy meat, eggs and vegetables, but to do so in a responsible, sustainable way. As on our own family farms' growing up, we
proudly continue to follow strict animal welfare protocol and provide all natural, Non-GMO meats and veggies.
In 2010 we started with a small piece of land, a few beef cattle and 'Pinky' the boar. Since then we have expanded every year to
what is now 4 different farm locations with fully sustainable livestock including beef cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys and lamb.
We are really excited (and so are our customers!) about the most recent addition to the farm; of a HUGE variety of fresh & healthy vegetables.

What is re-generative agriculture and why do we think it's so important? Regenerative Agriculture describes farming and grazing
practices that rebuild the soil's organic matter and restores degraded soil biodiversity. This results in carbon drawdown,
improvements on the water cycle and healthier soil.

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Grazin' Acres Farm
Nathan and Meghan Mattison
49 Wolfe Ln, Salem, NY 12865
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