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About Grazin' Acres Meats

OUR BEEF  | Our Angus Beef are raised with special care from day one. Each animal is grass-fed and grass-finished. Why is that a
big deal? Grass-finished beef is about 20% lower in calories than grain-finished beef and has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids,
and Vitamins A and E. In other words, it contains added health benefits when compared to grain-finished beef. All of our beef is
USDA approved, all natural, NON-GMO with no regular use of anti-biotics.
OUR PORK  | Our Heritage pigs enjoy pasture living all year and never receive any hormones. Like all of our animals, each pig is
raised following strict animal welfare protocol. In addition to their pasture diet, our pigs are fed with all-natural, NON-GMO, locally produced grain containing NO animal byproducts. The result? The best tasting, healthiest pork you can put on your plate.   All of
our pork is USDA approved.
OUR CHICKEN  | We are proud farmers raising Kosher King Heritage meat chickens. Kosher Kings have a more natural growth
rate, vs. the Cornish breeds you typically find on other farms and in the grocery store. Kosher Kings are, by nature, vigorous foragers
and thrive in our free-range pastures. Our chickens are also fed all-natural, locally produced grain containing no hormones or
animal byproducts. Just one bite and you'll see why our customers rave about the 'best tasting chicken money can buy!'

OUR LAMB | Many people think of lamb as a special-occasion meat or delicacy. This shouldn't be so. Lamb meat, especially pastured raised lamb such as ours, has amazing health benefits. Did you know lamb meat is a fantastic source of Iron, Vitamin B, protein and contains anti-inflammatory assets? Our healthy free-range lamb is grass-fed and grass-finished to profection.   From Chops to Shanks you'll quickly fall in love with this lean red meat.

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49 Wolfe Ln, Salem, NY 12865
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